Modernise of JAVA EE application deployed in a 3-tier architecture

  • JavaTM Message Service (JMS) — If your application is using JMS Queues or Topics, you’ll need to migrate them to an externally hosted JMS server. Azure Service Bus / Google Pub/Sub or Amazon MQ can be a great migration strategy for those using JMS.
  • Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) — JNDI related resources, such as JMS message brokers, may require migration or reconfiguration
  • Entity Beans or EJB 2.x-style CMP Beans — You’ll have to refactor your application to remove these dependencies.
  • Determine session replication is used — Refactor your application to externalise the session to Redis Service or use a database for session management.
  • Reconfigure the server applications to use HTTP APi and remove any dependency of the JAVA EE based application client features.
  • Determine if the application generate some files on server like which will be later used by OS cron job for publish to the destination. In this case refractor your application to directly upload the files in storage account like Azure Storage or S3 bucket.



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Abhisek Purwar

Abhisek Purwar


DevOps Specialist | Azure and AWS Cloud Engineer | Cloud Architect | Full Stack Engineer